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      FS One features unparalleled aerodynamics and physics modeling, stunning flying sites, spectacular camera views, and an excellent selection of airplanes and helicopters to give you an RC simulation experience that feels as real as it looks. What you see on the screen, you sense in the sticks.

      FS One V2 includes all the features you see here and more.

      Superior Aerodynamics
      Ultimate realism where it counts
      Image of Aero features
      • Highly-accurate, extensive 3D aerodynamics
      • All airplane aerodynamics developed by Michael Selig, PhD
      • Realistic stalls, snaps, spins
      • 3D aerobatics – hover, torque rolls, harriers, blenders, etc.
      • Verified by world-class pilots and video footage
      • Ground-effect aerodynamics
      • Extensive low Reynolds number aerodynamics effects
      • Uses aerodynamics methods published in peer-reviewed scientific literature

      Airplanes and Helicopters
      Wide selection of popular aircraft
      Image for Airplanes and Heli features
      • Over 40 airplanes, jets, foamies, sailplanes, and helicopters
      • Limitless number of airplane variants using the FS One Scaling Wizard™
      • Customizable aircraft aerodynamics
      • 360-degree wing, propeller, and rotor aerodynamics simulations

      Airplane and Helicopter Training
      Beginner through advanced
      Image for Training Features
      • Flight training modules and tips by world-class RC pilots
      • Pilot voiceover
      • Transmitter stick display
      • Playback controls

      Recorder Functions
      Recordings and playback
      Image for Recorder Features
      • Flight recorder, save and playback controls
      • Transmitter stick recorder – start, stop, playback, save conditions
      • Over 160 pre-recorded flights
      • Fly with multiple recorded aircraft
      • Save position to a file

      Winds, Turbulence and Thermals
      Practice in the realistic environments
      Image for Wind Features
      • No other RC simulator gives this attention to wind
      • Gusts and turbulence vary around the airframe in true 3D
      • Winds realistically increase with altitude
      • Wind shear and thermals
      • Slope soaring, dynamic soaring
      • Over 200 preconfigured wind scenarios
      • Customize winds using shortcut keys

      Scaling Wizard™ and Aircraft Editor
      Limitless number of airplanes in seconds
      Image for Scaling Wizard / Editor Features
      • FS One Scaling Wizard™ scales any airplane to any size
      • Automatically scales size, weights, aerodynamics, engine, gear, etc.
      • Copy, resize, save, and fly
      • User customizations override automatic settings
      • Over 70 scaled airplanes included

      In-Flight Instruments and Navigation Features
      Situation awareness widgets
      Image for Instruments and Nav Aid Features

      Image for more Nav Aid Features

      • Transmitter stick display
      • Heads-up display (HUD)
      • Inset windows for additional views while flying
      • Sky Grid™
      • Hover Training Assistant™ for airplanes
      • Audible multi-function timer
      • Wind sock
      • Radar gun
      • Variometer/climb indicator
      • Compass
      • Spot landing tool
      • Moving overhead map displays

      Viewing Options
      Ground and airborne views
      Image for Viewing Features

      Image for more Viewing Features

      • Cinematic flowing views
      • Pilot on ground view
      • Autozoom, zoom in/out, move in/out 3D trolley
      • Camera lagged, perfect and shifted-elevation views
      • Field views
      • 3D chase and onboard views
      • First Person Views (FPV)
      • Mouseable views
      • Inset views
      • Padlock views
      • Fly-by and jump-ahead views
      • Frozen-tripod views
      • Walk to any point, move in any direction
      • Run full-screen or resize window for movie making

      Aircraft Graphics
      Image for A/C Graphics Features
      • Highly-detailed photo-realistic 3D aircraft models
      • Movable control surfaces
      • Rotating wheels, flexible landing gear, spinning prop, flexing wings
      • Customize reflections, shadows, smoke and exhaust
      • Customize trim schemes with almost any graphics editor

      Panorama Flying Sites
      360-degree photopanoramic flying sites
      Image for Pano Features
      • 25 sites
      • RC flying fields
      • Airports
      • Indoor sites
      • Slope soaring and DS sites
      • Country and scenic landscapes
      • Night flying
      • True-to-life bumpy grass, smooth runways, slick gym floors
      3D Flying Environments
      Immersive action from any angle
      Image for 3D Site Features
      • Realistic fields from satellite and aerial photography
      • 3D flying sites for “first person view”/FPV
      • 6 sites included
      • 40 photo-panoramic skyscapes
      Sailplane Features
      Fine tune your skills
      Image for Sailplane Features

      Image for more Sailplane Features

      • Accurate sailplane airfoil aerodynamics
      • Hand-launch and hi-start launch
      • Winch launch with pulse tensioner
      • Towplane launch
      • Thermal soaring and thermals
      • Slope soaring and slope winds
      • Dynamic soaring and dynamic soaring wind sheer
      • Radar gun, audio-visual variometer, wind compass
      • Line tension, whip, slack rope aerophysics/dynamics modeling
      • Computer-radio full mixing, e.g. full-house Supra mix
      • Air-rush sounds, including control-surface whistle at zoom/DS speeds
      • Spot-landing training
      • Multi-function countdown/countup user-customizable audio timer

      Crash Detection and Damage
      Broken aircraft aerodynamics modeling
      Image for Crash/Damage Features
      • Collision detection, ground impact, and sound effects
      • Accurate aerodynamics of cartwheels and tumbling
      • Parts break off in crashes, at overspeed, or in high-G maneuvers
      • Broken part flutter physics
      • Customizable model strength, including 100% crashproofing
      • Rewind features

      Propeller/Motor Physics
      Thurst, torque and propwash effects
      Image for Propeller / Motor Features
      • Propeller and throttle response dynamics
      • Real engine sounds
      • Sound modeled from idle-to-full throttle
      • Propwash effects on all immersed flying surfaces
      • Slipstream swirl flow and flow shadows
      • Slipstream speed lag and curvature effects in dynamic maneuvers
      • Propeller gyroscopic effects
      • Start/kill engine keyboard controls

      Ground Handling and Physics Effects
      Full landing gear dynamics
      Image for Ground Handling Features
      • Landing gear flex
      • Wheel braking, sliding, skidding, spin dynamics
      • Tail-dragger ground loops
      • Aerodynamic ground effects for landing and takeoff
      • Propeller startup torque effects
      • Rapid aileron deflection wing wobble response
      • Tail wheel wing wobble response
      • Rough grass, pavement friction and surface irregularity effects

      USB Transmitter Interface
      Hyper-responsive transmitter interface
      Image for Transmitter Features
      • Easy setup and calibration
      • Instance response transmitter stick controls
      • Highly accurate 2048 resolution
      • Compatible with all major brands
      • JR/Spektrum, Futaba, Hitec, Airtronics/Sanwa, Multiplex radios and more
      • Support for TacCon controller

      Transmitter Editor
      Built-in computer radio support
      Image for Transmitter Editor Features
      • Pre-configured transmitter setups for all aircraft
      • Switch controlled flight modes
      • Low rate, high rate, snap, and 3D flight modes
      • Pre-set mixes for all aircraft
      • Mix channels, add expo, adjust endpoints, alter sub-trims.
      • Extend transmitter functions with the computer keyboard.

      Keyboard Support
      Instant access to controls
      Image for Keyboard Support Features
      • Control FS One with extensive keyboard support
      • Reset key
      • InstantUp™ key
      • Pause key
      • Hand launch key
      • Popup instruments and navigation aids
      • Key controls for smoke, views, zoom, towline release, and much more.
      • Detailed color-coded keymap included

      Two-Player Capability
      Two pilots can fly together
      Image for Two-Player Features

      Pylon racing, rockets and bomb drop
      Image for Pylon Racing Features
      • Pylon racing head-to-head or with recordings
      • Choose 2, 3 or 4 pole pylon racing with built-in turn callers
      • Hit aerial or ground targets with bombs or bottle rockets